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          "After the demands of the first year of law school, the remaining two years might seem something of an afterthought without some academic focus outside class. I remember finding that my central focus was on law review, and that this focus was perhaps the most fulfilling I had as a student. The activity itself is challenging but ideal for developing both research and writing skills. And the opportunity for working with others who are also committed to those efforts is unparalleled. I can't imagine what law school would have been without law review, and am glad I didn't have to experience it that way."

          - Richard Marcus, Horace O. Coil Chair in Litigation

          "Publishing journals is an important activity on campus. Not only do the journals represent the intellectual life of the college, but the very skills you hone while working on journal ‑ reading, writing, editing, source and citation checking, and working in teams ‑ are skills you will use every day when you are a lawyer no matter what area of law you eventually go into."

          - Tom McCarthy, Manager, O'Brien Center for Scholarly Publications

          "Taking part in a law school journal was a fulfilling and rewarding experience that truly enriched my law school career. Journal participation exposes students to the most timely and interesting legal scholarship from around the world, and helps students develop their writing and citation skills. Third-year students who pursue a board position work closely with second-year staff members and other third-year board members, which helps to develop teamwork and strong interpersonal and time management skills. However, the most rewarding part of journal is developing friendships with so many great people who you would not have met otherwise. I met many of my best law school friends during my two years on the journal. Taking part in a journal is demanding, but it will reward you for years to come with the skills it develops and the friendships it forges."

          - Steven Tang, co-Editor in Chief, 2002-03 Hastings International and Comparative Law Review

          Read what Hastings Law Professor Lois Weithorn has to say about participating on a journal.

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