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Inaugurated in 1997, the O'Brien Center is the college's publishing department for student-edited Journals.

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The O'Brien Center for Scholarly Publications
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Journals and their Editorial Focus

Hastings Business Law Journal

Hastings Communications and Entertainment Law Journal (Comm/Ent)

Comm/Ent focuses on, but is not limited to telecommunications, broadcasting, cable and other non-broadcast videos, print media, advertising, the arts, entertainment, sports, computers and high technology information services, copyright, patent, trademark, film, privacy, defamation, and other first-amendment issues. An occasional issue devoted to annual computer law symposium. Publishes in three issues per yearly volume, Fall Winter and Spring, starting in Volume 27.

Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly

The oldest law journal in the United States devoted to constitutional law, the Quarterly publishes legal scholarship on topics significant to current developments in constitutional law. Publishes four issues per yearly volume: Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer.

Hastings International and Comparative Law Review

The law review publishes articles by law professors and practitioners addressing timely issues in public and private international law. One issue devoted to annual symposium on international legal practice. Publishes two issues per yearly volume: Winter and Summer.

Hastings Law Journal

Hastings' oldest law review has contributed to the advancement of knowledge in legal thinking through scholarly articles written by experts in the legal community. An occasional issue is devoted to a law symposium. Publishes six issues per yearly volume: Publication Months are now November, December, February, March, May and June.

Hastings Race and Poverty Law Journal

Hastings Race and Poverty Law Journal is committed to promoting and inspiring discourse in the legal community regarding issues of race, poverty, social justice and the law. This Journal is committed to addressing disparities in the legal system. We will create an avenue for compelling dialogue on the subject of the growing marginalization of racial minorities and the economically disadvantaged. It is our hope that the legal theories addressed in this Journal will prove useful in remedying the structural inequalities facing our communities. Publishes two issues per yearly volume: Winter and Summer.

Hastings Science and Technology Law Journal

Hastings Science and Technology Law Journal is a multidisciplinary journal created to enrich the discourse at the nexus of science, scientific methodology, technology, biotechnology, bioethics, health, public policy, and the law. The journal is designed to serve both the legal and scientific communities through prompt publication of scholarly works on the basis of originality, insight, timeliness, and elegance, and by providing an open forum for the discussion and interpretation of significant developments in science and law. Publishes two issues per yearly volume: Winter and Summer.

Hastings West-Northwest Journal of Environmental Law and Policy

The first regional environmental law journal of California and the Pacific Northwest. In addition to traditional legal scholarship, West-Northwest publishes articles by policy analysts and researchers from such complementary fields as economics, anthropology, regional planning, engineering, and biological/earth sciences. Publishes two issues per yearly volume: Winter and Summer.

Hastings Women's Law Journal

The journal is committed to advancing feminist perspectives and promoting scholarship in issues of concern common to all women, while recognizing the unique concerns of communities that traditionally have been denied a voice, such as women of under-represented populations. Publishes two issues per yearly volume: Winter and Summer.

For more information, email: scholarp@uchastings.edu.