Prospective Members

          All UC Hastings students interested in joining the journal are encouraged to apply through the Inter-Journal writing competition. Participating on a journal is an excellent way to network with fellow students and alumni.

          Summary of Member Selection Process

          Second-year members are chosen through a weighing of performance in the Writing Competition, grades, and information volunteered in a personal statement. HBLJ suggests but does not require the submission of a personal statement, in order to provide us with your specific interests, experiences, or personality traits. A maximum of one page is suggested. Please place your Competition Number on your personal statement. DO NOT use your name.

          HBLJ produces a high-quality product focused exclusively on cutting edge issues in business law. We balance academic writing and student notes with practitioner articles as well. This balance allows HBLJ to stay relevant to practitioners as well as academics. Our journal covers the entire spectrum of business law from tax to arbitration. HBLJ's focus and breadth have allowed us to quickly establish HBLJ as a premier business law journal.

          HBLJ has published an article that will be cited in a United States Supreme Court Amicus Brief. Our reputation allows us to bring members into contact with leading corporate attorneys. Our past symposia have included general counsel from both Apple and Google. As a member of HBLJ you are essential to the success of the journal.

          Members' responsibilities include: examining articles and student notes to ensure proper citations, making substantive and technical edits to pieces in preparation for publication, helping to plan the annual symposium, and generally assisting the senior editors at their request on various projects. Additionally, each member writes a "Note" on a current business law issue, and the best of these notes will be published by HBLJ.