Prospective Members

          First published in 1974, the Quarterly is the nation's oldest law journal devoted exclusively to constitutional law. We are dedicated to publishing an annual volume that serves as a national forum for constitutional law scholarship of the highest quality and of the greatest use to legal scholars, judges, and practitioners. Past articles have discussed questions arising under the federal constitution, as well as developments affecting state and foreign constitutions.

          In addition to publishing four issues per year, the Quarterly hosts an annual symposium featuring discussion panels, question and answer periods, and a keynote speaker address on a topical constitutional law issue. Recent symposia have focused on California's fiscal crisis, distinguishing as-applied versus facial challenges in the Roberts Court, electoral crisis and voter reform, and camera access to the federal courts.

          The Quarterly also acts as a training tool for the research, writing, and leadership development of its ninety-plus members. Second-year members, in addition to taking part in journal activities, symposium organization, and different phases of the production process, will also write either a Note or Case Comment of publishable quality. A student Note focuses on a specific area of constitutional law, while a Case comment evaluates a recent court decision. The writing process provides an excellent opportunity for each second-year member to research an issue of constitutional law of their choosing and refine their writing skills under the supervision of a Senior Notes Editor.

          Membership Selection

          First-year students who wish to become a member of the Quarterly during their second year are required to enter the inter-journal writing competition. Second-year members are selected solely on the basis of their writing competition submission. In general, submission evaluations are based on citation format and proper use of authority, grammar, organization, clarity, and rhetorical style.

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