Hastings Science and Technology Law Journal

          Jus, Scientia et Humanita

          Hastings Science & Technology Law Journal ("STLJ") is a multidisciplinary journal created to enrich the discourse at the nexus of science, scientific methodology, technology, biotechnology, bioethics, health, public policy, and the law. STLJ is designed to serve both the legal and scientific communities through prompt publication of scholarly works on the basis of originality, insight, timeliness, and elegance, and by providing an open forum for the discussion and interpretation of significant developments in science and law.

          Publishes two issues per yearly volume: Winter and Summer.

          HSTLJ is published only in electronic format; individuals can download, copy, and print the journal issues for their own personal use without restriction.  Organization or classroom use of multiple copies should be requested from: scholarp@uchastings.edu.

          Hastings Science and Technology Law Journal
          University of California Hastings College of the Law
          200 McAllister Street
          San Francisco, CA 94102

          http://scienceandtechlaw.org/ (http://scienceandtechlaw.org/)

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