Hastings Environmental Law Journal - Volume 24

          Jessica Durney, Editor in Chief
          Claire Wilkens, Executive Acquisitions Editor
          Samantha Ricci, Executive Production Editor
          Nolan Theurer, Executive Production Editor
          Neda Hefzi, Executive Development Editor, Internal
          Nirvesh Sikand, Executive Development Editor, External
          Patrick Boyle, Senior Acquisitions Editor
          Olivia Molodanof, Senior Acquisitions Editor
          Monika Darwish, Senior Acquisitions Editor
          Micaela Harms, Senior Acquisitions Editor
          John Darin, Senior Production Editor
          Tori Yundt, Senior Production Editor
          Caroline Lavenue, Senior Production Editor
          Perry Elerts, Senior Development Editor, Internal
          Meredyth Merrow, Senior Development Editor, External

          Staff Editors:
          Kimberly Willis, Lizzie Lockwood, Kelsey Moe, 
          Lauren Marshall, Alex Cervantes, Kellen Miller,
          Meredith Stevenson, Arturo Reyes, Ethan Pawson,
          Axl Kaminski, Diana Campbell, Andrew Angeles,
          Joe Dietrich, Justin Bargar, Rebecca Cathcart,
          and Emily Harbaugh

          MISSION STATEMENT: Hastings Environmental Law Journal (formely known as West-Northwest) recognize that an on-going colloquy on the environment must synthesize the work of a broad range of academic and professional disciplines. Thus, in addition to traditional legal scholarship, HELJ publishes articles by policy analysts and researchers from such complementary fields as economics, anthropology, regional planning, engineering, and biological/earth sciences.

          An important refinement to this interdisciplinary approach is the inclusion of excerpts from exemplary works of fiction and non-fiction relevant to articles or symposium topics. HELJ showcases outstanding works of environmental literature, carefully chosen for their relevance, insightfulness, and ability to bring academic materials fully to life.

          In sum, HLJ functions as an integrated forum for dialogue on law, policy, and thought, celebrating the environment.

          Hastings Environmental Law Journal
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