HELJ gratefully acknowledges the support of its faculty and national advisors.

          Faculty Advisors

          Jo Carrillo, Professor of Law
          Richard B. Cunningham, Professor of Law
          Brian E. Gray, Professor of Law
          Joseph Grodin, Professor of Law
          William T. Hutton, Professor of Law
          John D. Leshy, Professor of Law
          Naomi Roht-Arriaza, Professor of Law
          Reuel Schiller, Professor of Law
          David Takacs, Professor of Law

          National Advisors

          Guillermo Sohnlein, Oceangate, Inc.
          Ken Alex, California State Attorney General's Office
          Karen Donovan, Duane Morris LLP
          Dr. John E. McCosker, California Academy of Sciences
          Paul M. Orbuch, Western Governs' Association
          James J. Rauls, Diablo Valley College, Dept. of History
          David Roe, Calvo & Clark LLP
          Greg Neil Sarab, Founding Editor, Extegrity
          Michelle Leighton, International Law and Policy Consultant
          Michael R. Sherwood, Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund
          Deanna Spooner, Founding Editor, Pacific Islands Climate Change Cooperative
          John M. Volkman, Energy Trust of Oregon