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          Mud Flats of the Turnagain Arm, South of Anchorage, Alaska, by Arielle Harris


          West-Northwest has changed its name to Hastings Environmental Law Journal (HELJ), and by publishing exclusively online will reduce its resource use, but not its commitment to environmental law!

          "I continue to be thrilled by WNW's evolution since its founding two decades ago and am proud that WNW is reducing its carbon footprint by going digital.  My day job with the Pacific Islands Climate Change Cooperative remains challenging and inspiring, collaborating with regional and international partners on climate adaptation with a focus on sustaining natural and cultural resources in the Pacific as the region undergoes unprecedented environmental change.  Outside of the workplace I spend as much time as possible in the ocean swimming, paddling on my SUP, and scuba diving."

          -- from Deanna Spooner, one of WNW's founding editors

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          WNW will continue to publish two issues per yearly volume: Winter and Summer online in digital format exclusively. 
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          Rock Islands, Palau, by Deanna Spooner


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