Hastings Women's Law Journal gladly considers unsolicited works of literature, poems, book reviews, personal pieces, and legal analysis for publication. We accept submissions on-line via ExpressO, and we accept submissions via mail and email. Please visit the Hastings Women's Law Journal's Submissions Website for more information.


          Submissions should be double-spaced, typewritten on 8.5" x 11" paper, with citations in footnote style.

          All submissions should by accompanied by a cover letter and a brief abstract, if applicable. All necessary contact information should also be included.

          Submissions by Email

          Hastings Women's Law Journal is pleased to accept submissions electronically. Works may be transmitted through ExpressO, or directly to the Journal at

          Submissions by Mail

          Paper submissions should be directed to the following:

          Hastings Women's Law Journal
          U.C. Hastings College of the Law
          200 McAllister Street
          San Francisco, California 94102

          The Journal regrets that it can return only those works for which the author provides a pre-addressed, postage-paid envelope.

          Expedited Review

          In the event an author is presented with a deadline from another publication, we will make every effort to expedite review of their work. Unfortunately, we will be able to expedite review only during the school year (mid-August through mid-May).

          To request an expedited review, please send an email to Expedite requests should include the author's name, the title of the work, the name(s) of the offering journal(s), and the deadline date.